Theta Lambda Chapter #195
Joining Beta Alpha Psi
From Candidate to Member

Students interested in joining Beta Alpha Psi must be a Candidate for at least one semester before they become full members. The processes of becoming a candidate and a member are described below.

Undergraduate Candidates (and Post-Baccalaureates)
for the Theta Lambda Chapter

Candidates (other than those currently seeking graduate degrees) must meet ALL the following requirements by then end of their candidate semester: Apply for candidacy, complete 2 forms:

Graduate Candidates
for the Theta Lambda Chapter

Candidates who are taking graduate courses must meet have full admission to the MAcc program OR full admistion to the MBA program with an undergraduate degree in accounting.

Apply for candidacy:

Becoming a Full Member
of the Theta Lambda Chapter

Candidates who meet the following requirements will be initiated: The Theta Lambda chapter follows the membership requirements as set forth by the international office of Beta Alpha Psi. Other membership policies can be found in the official Policies and Procedures.

Expectations of Full Members
of the Theta Lambda Chapter

Once initiated, you are a member of BAP for life (unless you change majors before graduation). You are also a member of UCA's Theta Lambda chapter until you graduate. The following is expected of chapter members each semester: